Contact Tracing

Automating Microsoft ToDo with Siri Shortcuts to trace my activity.

I decided to start tracing my contacts so that I am able to identify and alert people who I have come in contact with in the last 14 days, if I ever get infected with Coronavirus.

To make this as simple as possible, I created a new task list in Microsoft To Do called “Contact Tracing”.

I then created a simple Siri Shortcut to add a task to this list. The title of the task is the name the place that I have been, or the person I have met. It then automatically sets a due date for 14 days time.

In 14 days I get a notification for this task, which I can then mark as done because the contact has expired.

If you would like to download the shortcut click this link on your phone.

Here is a screenshot of the Siri Shortcut:

To add a new entry, I just hold the Siri button (power button on phone, or the mic button in the car) and Siri will prompt me “what text”, to which I respond with the person or location I wish to add.

To Do: It is not really very difficult, but ideally I need to work out how to automate the marking as done process.

Job done.

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